Thyroid Trouble: Combating Hair Loss, Thinning Brows, Weight Gain, and More

As a nurse practitioner specializing in functional medicine, I often see patients who are struggling with thyroid issues. One key aspect of assessing thyroid function is looking at the T3 numbers. In this blog post, I want to discuss the importance of pulling T3 numbers and understanding the conversion of T4 to T3.


Why T3 Numbers Matter:

When it comes to thyroid function, T3 is the active form of the hormone that your body uses. T4 is converted into T3 in the body, and if this conversion is not happening efficiently, it can lead to symptoms of an underactive thyroid. T3 deficiency is known as Secondary Hypothyroidism and it’s the most prevalent disease in the United States today and when left untreated it can cause a variety of other conditions including Cardiac mortality. 


Signs and Symptoms of an Underactive Thyroid:

Some common signs and symptoms of an underactive thyroid, also known as hypothyroidism, include fatigue, weight gain, hair loss, cold intolerance, menstrual irregularities, infertility, PCOS, constipation, and depression. If you are experiencing these symptoms, it is important to have your thyroid function evaluated.


Boosting Your Thyroid Naturally:

Stress Management

There are several ways you can support your thyroid health naturally. Stress management is key, as chronic stress can impact thyroid function. Incorporating stress-reducing practices such as mindfulness, meditation, and yoga can be beneficial.


Nutrition also plays a crucial role in thyroid health. Make sure you are getting enough iodine, selenium, and zinc in your diet, as these nutrients are essential for thyroid function. Eating a balanced diet rich in whole foods can also help support overall thyroid health. At Precision Medicine we utilize lab work to customize your needs and we love the physician formulated nutraceutical called Thyroid Total. It augments our nutritional and medical patient plans extremely well as it provides a blend of key nutrients for thyroid function. 

Inflammation Reduction

Inflammation can also impact thyroid function, so reducing inflammation in the body is important. Avoiding processed foods, sugar, and inflammatory oils can help decrease inflammation and support thyroid function.

Next Steps

In conclusion, understanding T3 numbers and the conversion of T4 to T3 is essential when assessing thyroid function. By paying attention to your T3 levels, recognizing the signs and symptoms of an underactive thyroid, and taking steps to support your thyroid naturally through stress management, nutrition, and decreasing inflammation.

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