Regenerative Peptide Therapy

What are peptides?

Peptides are a small protein or short chains of amino acids. Amino acids are a major part of our biology. Peptides are known as “The Building Blocks of Life,” – and it’s fairly simple to understand why. Our greatest functional potential in the body is created through protein.

Surprisingly, 20% of the human body is actually made up of protein and protein has a very important role. Much like some of the children’s toy building blocks, amino acids attach themselves to other amino acids in different variations and numbers to form compounds such as proteins, peptides, and peptide hormones.


What can I use Regenerative Peptide therapy  for?

Regenerative Peptide therapy is a branch of medicine that uses peptides to help reprogram body chemistry, ultimately restoring cells to their healthy state. Our bodies produce more than 70,000 kinds of peptides, which bind to other cells and molecules and give them targeted directions. By tapping into and tweaking the body’s own biochemistry, we can direct those peptides to heal or restore damaged cells to bring the body back into balance Peptides have the potential to be highly specific and can to patients who are looking for anti-aging remedies from the inside out. This service will help boost immune function, energy, libido, cognition, and improve quality of sleep, weight loss, decrease inflammation, and increase hair growth.

How is it done?

Peptides are often injectable, thereby delivering them directly into the bloodstream where they can circulate throughout the body. Some may be injected directly into muscle tissue, under the skin, or directly into the area of trauma.

Why choose peptide therapy instead of pharmaceuticals?

Peptides offer patients the ability to have delivered results without the unending list of side effects and where health is achieved through our bodies own mechanisms. Because peptides are the basic building block of protein, one of our core 3 nutritional elements, our body recognizes their function, and we are able to work with the body for healing, not against it like most pharmaceutical drugs do.

How do peptides work to deliver results?

All the peptides in our body are capable of different roles and functions, and they do this by linking together to perform at optimal levels. The reason we are able to use peptides to address a wide variety of issues is because some of these peptides are able to function as neurotransmitters while others could act like hormones, making the possibilities for healing endless! Basically, they are biological molecules that, once they attach to a certain receptor on another cell’s surface, direct a response on a cellular level for certain tasks to happen. Since our bodies already recognize peptides and what to do with them, we can utilize them in a way that targets them to do exactly what we want them to do! This is why we can use peptides to assist in weight loss, expediting the healing process for injuries, supporting immune function and muscle growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are peptides made?

Do I have to exercise while I take peptides or will I lose weight just by taking them?

When I decide to stop taking GH stimulating peptides, will my GH go back to pre-GH levels?

Do I have to continue using peptides once I start taking them to upkeep the benefits?

What part of the body is best for injecting peptides?

Can women use peptides to gain muscle mass?

Are there any times at which you should avoid taking peptides? (for example, if you are sick, starting a new medication, going to be drinking alcohol?)

Do injectables, creams, oral capsules or tablets and troches, all have the same absorption rate and effectiveness?

How long have peptides been around? Are they safe?

Am I required to get a blood test before using any of the growth hormone peptides?

Are there any side effects to the peptides?

How fast will I see results using peptides?

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