The Precision Nutrition Program is not a one size fit all program. It is a very precise approach for each individual person to address their gut health and hormone balance. Which we have found is the root cause that prevents an individual from obtaining their goal. We also address the pitfalls that caused them to not only get into their current health issues but also reverting into their old habits and excuses.

We have 3 critical phases in our Nutrition Program.

1st: Using Low Inflammatory Foods and Elimination of what we know are moderate and High Inflammatory foods.

2nd: Reintroduction of Moderate Inflammatory foods to see how the gut and body responds.

3rd: Maintain and Balance using the foods identified and tools taught to get through holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and day to day life.

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Medical Weight Loss

We offer personalized healthcare through lab tests aimed at preventing chronic disease using Cell sciences and Labcorp. We pull full wellness panels, Alcat testing, CICA (chrons, IBS, celiac assay), MethylDetox, Telomere Length testing and Cellular nutrition assays.

Personal Training

Hormones deliver complex signals throughout your body to orchestrate healing, recovery and performance. Improve your health at any age by achieving optimal levels of hormones in your body.

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“Our valuable clients deserves the best”

I have been working with Jamie Speiser for 8 years now and my experience has been life changing. He has helped me in so many ways. Starting from dialing in on my nutrition for body building shows, to workout routines, to helping me find more natural ways to overcome health issues. I don’t know what my life would be like without all the work he has done for me over the years. I love his approach. He considers all aspects of life when working with me, from emotional states to the way my physical body is responding. He is supportive and very understanding. He will meet me where I am at and move me to the next level.
I am very grateful to be able to work with such an intelligent and experienced professional. Thank you Jamie for all your hard work throughout the years. It means so much to me.
Jen Diesterhaupt

Visited Precision

Working with Precision Fitness over the last 7 months on my fitness and health goals has been transformational and an extremely positive experience!! We set goals for my 2022 Bikini competition and achieved all of them.

I am very excited to continue working with Jamie as my coach and Jake as my trainer to achieve the goals we have set out for 2023. I truly get excited anytime I need to go to Precision not only because they are great at what they do but they always greet you with a welcoming smile, are passionate about what they do, and truly care about you as an individual.

Courtney Williams

Visited Precision

My husband and I own a baseball and training facility in Washington state where I work as a certified personal trainer and wellness coach, both in person and online, offering training and nutrition coaching for diverse populations and competitors. I continually seek to understand and evolve in my own knowledge by seeking out other professionals who can better equip me with tools to advance my own health and fitness/nutritional needs.

After recovering from recurring uti/kidney infections about 6 months ago and nearing the age of 50, I really wanted to address any nutritional and training issues that may also be contributing to barriers that were preventing me from reaching some personal goals. As a former and very successful competitor in the bikini athletic division I was struggling to lean out, even just a few pounds, had belly bloat, and had been struggling where it used to be fairly easy to get to my ideal body composition just to go on vacations or special events.

I discovered Jamie on TikTok discussing hormonal challenges as well as elimination/anti-inflammatory nutrition and immediately reached out to him because I knew I definitely could relate to many of the hormonal and nutritional pitfalls that could very well be working against me in my own programming. Jamie immediately booted me up on his structured elimination/anti-inflammatory nutrition program and detailed me on my hormones as well as designing a challenging new training program to gradually reduce the intensity of cardio that had been sabotaging my progress, and still provide me with training techniques to build and maintain muscle mass. We tracked everything through formal check-ins, pictures, scale weight, and InBody Scan to track my progress.

I began my program at 136.4 lbs, muscle mass = 63.7 lbs, and 16.0% body fat in mid June 2022. December 21, 2022 my progress translated to 132.2 lbs, muscle mass 65.7, and 11.6% body fat. While I feel these body composition changes are of themselves an outstanding progression for where I was at, the real rewards have been manifested in a diminished swelling in my lower abdomen, increased energy, and ZERO uti/kidney infections! I love the body composition that has “peaked” in just 6 months with Jamie’s program and I am eager to continue setting new goals and to continue working with the nutritional needs my body required to reach optimal levels in my fitness, health and nutritional goals

Kristine Braswell

Visited Precision

We’ve been working together since August 2018 and had great progress in numerous competitions. Here we are about to begin another journey in 2023 and I’m excited to start this year. Last year we found out I was insulin resistant. No matter what we did with food and workouts, body fat, especially around the midsection and back were not moving. You suggested we get some bloodwork done to see what my A1c and Insulin levels were. October 2021 we find that I’m insulin resistant and pre-diabetic. You worked hard to get the numbers down with different variations of food, but still no progress. I saw my family physician and he prescribed a low dosage of Metformin. I continued with the plan and new tests were accomplished to see if anything changed. PROGRESS, A1c and Insulin levels were down to where my physician wanted to take me off the medication. I know if I had not been working with you, I may not have found out I was pre-diabetic. Thank you for paying close attention to my numbers and making the suggestion to have bloodwork done. Thank you for listening. During my last check-in you noticed big changes in my numbers and I’m ready to continue the work. LET’S GO!!

Nikki Austin

Visited Precision